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International cooperation in a project aiming at improving gas quality deriving from renewable energy.

The Europe 2020 Strategy aims to achieve sustainable development, which includes the increased utilization of renewable energy sources, too. Biogas is one of the possible solutions for achieving the associated policy targets. Although agriculture and waste water are the main sources of biogas, landfills, collecting municipal waste, have huge potential, too.

A European consortium intends to contribute to these aims by enhancing the use of renewable resources via an R&D project.

The aim of NOO2 project is to develop a technology that is able to reduce high oxygen content of gases deriving from renewable resources (especially from municipal landfills) to be processed further to fuel quality (pipeline grade or Compressed Natural Gas, CNG).

The cooperation consisting of seven partners was granted under the Seventh Framework Programme of the EU (FP7) to accomplish its aims between 2013 and 2016 (GA no. 605809). The 32 months long project is coordinated by ATEKNEA Solutions Hungary Kft. with the involvement of: UTB Envirotec Zrt., ASIO spol. S. r.o, ARW-Abfallmanagement GmbH, Biogastechnology V.B.T.S. GmbH & Co KG, ATEKNEA Solutions Catalonia S.A. and the University of Cadiz.

In this EU project the methane gas generated on landfills, is cleaned and processed so that it receives a higher calorific value. And besides, is looking for a way to store this gas in the tank.

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